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Deep Teal Love

Deep Teal Love Step into a world where love and luxury intertwine at this dreamy wedding reception. The atmosphere is bathed in a mesmerizing teal blue ambiance, illuminated by a magnificent chandelier, creating an unforgettable celebration. The true centerpiece, a majestic white peacock adorned with real exotic flowers, symbolizes the beauty and grace of this […]

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Global Fusion Euphoria

Global Fusion Euphoria Experience an enchanting fusion of cultures at our destination mandap, where resplendent florals and captivating details evoke an aura of magic and wonder. Witness the bride, adorned in traditional South Indian attire, as she dazzles against our ethereal wedding backdrop. Amidst nature’s splendor and a vibrant palette of wedding hues, love blossoms

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Infinite Love

Infinite Love When they decided to hang out forever… Here’s Karthika & Suganth welcoming everyone to their joyous beginning! This is a line from Beethoven’s letter “Immortal beloved” addressed to his soulmate. He ends this poem with ‘Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours’ reflecting on the fact that he is always hers as she is

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